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Understanding all about car emissions inspection in Sandy

It is a good practice to have your car regularly inspected irrespective of age. A part of this inspection also constitutes performing a thorough emissions test. This test is practically quite essential for older automobiles, which execute troubles in different forms. However, owners of new vehicles need not worry much about this test. So if you want to keep your car as good as new and quickly pick out the potential issues and fix them on time, you should always perform these tests at regular intervals.

Let us now elaborate a little more on the different aspects of emissions inspection. Read on to know more.

What are the emissions inspections?

Before understanding emission inspections, you need to understand how the technicians will look at your vehicle while examining the same. In simple words, your car uses fuel to power the engine, and combustion takes place in the process. The leftover of the process will be ejected from the vehicle's tailpipe. While conducting the car emissions inspection Sandy, the inspectors must ensure that such wastage of gases is within the permissible levels.

What is an entire emission test process all about?

Here we will discuss a few steps of a car emission test that a reliable expert must perform. Let us begin.

  • The first step starts with the technician placing a sampler into the tailpipe. This will help the expert read the exhaust coming out from the engine and the gas level per million.
  • Five different types of gases will be sniffed by the equipment, including NOX, O2, CO, CO2, and HC. NO2 is produced by compressing and heating air containing nitrogen and is highly toxic.
  • Oxygen will also be present in the exhaust as some unburned Oxygen will be admitted into the air. The level of O2 will determine the health of the engine.
  • The next two gases, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide, i.e., CO and CO2, are odorless, colorless, and deadly compounds. Carbon dioxide also leads to global warming.
  • The last compound to be checked in the process is HC or hydrocarbons. These are the unburned fuels and not something that you would want to breathe. The smog caused in large cities is majorly due to the emission of this gas.

How can you pass the car emissions test?

Your car must be in decent shape before taking the test. For this, you can consider visiting a reliable service provider for auto repair in Sandy Utah. The experts will help you tune up your vehicle before the next inspection. They will also change the oil, clear the air filters, and change the spark plugs if needed. It would be best if you also got the gas cap checked for cracks or snack fittings.


Every car owner wants to have a decently performing car throughout its tenure. This is why these tests become imperative to make sure that the car is always at the brim of its performance. Finding experts to perform such tests and the necessary repairs on time will save you many hassles and costs later.


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